Death to the Slime of Society!

Okay, I’m really pissed. Upgrade that earlier fantasy of me in a locked room with one of these bastards and a baseball bat. Now I’m actually visualizing splintered shards of skull-bone wedging into soft nerve tissue. I’m pissed.

Of course, a calm person would realize that any protective measure is just going to challenge them to create more clever ways to get past. Yes, you guessed it: I’m still cleaning up $#(%*&$%%$#W(*&! graffiti.

If you want to post a comment you’d better get out your glasses. The passcode has been updated to 9 digits AND it is now the exact same color as the grid of lines. You brain and eyeballs will be more challenged, but I’m going to hope that I have better luck keeping the crap off my website.

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One thought on “Death to the Slime of Society!

  1. Duane Williams

    I don’t think I could have read that passcode without a little help. So I dragged and dropped it into an AppleWorks window and then stretched it larger so that the numerals became clearly readable.

    It is unlikely that an automatic spamming program could do this, but if the spammer is human you can’t block him and still allow others to post messages.

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