Future site design: My Own Kind of Digg

My own streamlined RSS reading practices allow me to cull through 500 articles a day. I’m thinking of ways to share the 1-2 articles that I find profoundly interesting.

Thanks to the wonders of Safari’s built-in RSS viewing, I can scan through about 400 possible news articles from a variety of sources—Washington Post, New York Times, Slashdot, Digg—in about 5 minutes, not counting those articles I’ve launched in another tab for actual reading. I love how I can keep up on the sorts of news that I’m interested in while keeping my reading time down to 30-60 minutes a day tops.

There are probably 2-3 articles per day that I wish I could highlight in my own blog and comment on. For example, today’s Washington Post has an incredible article on the shrinking American middle-class neighborhoods. I’ve experienced this first-hand as my own condo has appreciated by 200-300% over the last couple years. This is great news for me since I own it, but that also means that over the last three years I myself could no longer have afforded to buy a home in Los Angeles had I not already done so. This is profound to me because in a way it means I’ve being downgraded from median-middle-class to the lower site of the growing class-separating gorge.

But that’s not really what this blog is about. As I’ve written before, I’m in the planning phase for the next revision of my web site. I’ve seen other web sites that have sections that automatically get filled (via some sort of feed) with links to other articles. I guess some service decides what new-and-cool article links to put on your site. It’s an artificial way of “creating fresh content” if you’re lazy. I’m going to create a section that just lists all the articles I find incredibly interesting but don’t have time to comment on. It’ll be like my own personal Slashdot. Hmm. Maybe I can create a special “category” in WordPress for those articles with the article URL as a special field and write my own template PHP code… (thinking to myself) Anyway, stay tuned for the changes. We’ll see how long it takes me to get to them.

Author: Murray Todd Williams

I live in Austin, Texas. I'm enthusiastic about food, wine, programming (especially Scala), tennis and politics. I've worked for Accenture for over 12 years where I'm a Product Manager for suite of analytical business applications.

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