Server migration complete… I hope.

Man O Man am I drained!

This morning I got up, went to Spanish class where I had my first test. (I did okay. There are only two things I think I got wrong, but there were also 5 bonus point questions, so with luck I’ll eek out an A.) Then I did some housekeeping for the Stonewall Young Democrats (database stuff) and then I did the final push to get everything migrated over to the new Colocated server.

And the last 10 hours were spent fighting with Postfix to get the e-mail all set up properly—and securely.

I’ve still got to keep in touch with my various hosting “clients” to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. There’s always one or two subtle items I can’t remember. But I’ve got to say, I’m looking forward to retiring the “old” server that’s been running in my living room for the past 2 years. One of the fans (or maybe a bearing on a disk drive) was starting to vibrate badly. This machine has had a good life. It’s time to move on.

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