JBoss thread leaking JMS problem

All these zombie threads had apparently been created by JBoss’s JMS/MQ system to facilitate reading messages from a JMS sender, and these threads were never knowing to terminate themselves, even when we’d been finished consuming the messages on the server-side.

(Non-technical readers of my blog, you’ll want to glaze past this entry. This is a case where I encountered a problem, scoured the net for any clues and, finding none, slogged on forever until finally solving it. I’m writing this entry because I’ve found that the last couple of times I’ve solved an obscure computer problem, if I posted my solution in my blog then the entry would accumulate lots of comments saying “Thanks so much. I was really stuck on this.”)
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A very helpful article

It’s so gratifying to get these comments like “WOAH! I would *never* have thought of that. Thank you thank you thank you thank you 😀 I was just about to take the iSight back to the store.” (a recent comment)

I just was going through my blog-software system, and I noticed just how many comments had been generated by my earlier article (really, just a blog post) “iChat/iSight and Postgres Memory Bug“. When I’d discovered the solution to that problem I had been amazed how there had been no articles in any “Google searches” that addressed that particular problem; so I figured I would jot down a quick blog entry (apologizing to my non-technical audience) so that eventually Google searches would direct people here for the answer.
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Microsoft’s Best Next Play, Intel’s Vaporware

Fool me once (Itanium/Merced) shame on me…

Microsoft and Intel are in the same troubled boat as far as I’m concerned. Both megalithic companies have been complete yawners for the past five years or so. Now Microsoft is trying to dig up some enthusiasm for Windows Vista (formerly code-named Longhorn) and as far as I can tell, people couldn’t care less. I think I have the idea that could save them.
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