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XDoclet Hibernate “joined-subclass” tags don’t work.

(A quick apology for any readers who have no idea what this posting is about. In my work I’ve come across a really annoying bug in some technology, and my “Googling” research didn’t come up with any good answers. It has taken me a few days to really get all of this right, so I’m hoping if some poor sod has the same problem, he or she will come across this blog posting in order to save a massive amount of time.)

I am working on an enterprise application using J2EE (JBoss) with Hibernate as the substitute for the brain-dead CMP 2.0 Entity Beans. Our development environment is Eclipse with XDoclet.

I was attempting to create an implementation of “Joined Subclasses” via the @hibernate.joined-subclass command. Here’s the really brain-dead thing: from what I can tell, this XDoclet class tag simply does not work, and I’m not sure it ever did! In my XDoclet book (and the Javadoc api page) there’s a @hibernate.joined-subclass-key which would be necessary to fully-define a joined subclass, but in the xdoclet module this tag doesn’t appear to exist. I’d found a web forum entry where someone claimed Eclipse’s autocompletion didn’t recognize it, but that you could manually type it in, but I wasn’t able to get it to work!
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