Monthly Archives: October 2004

Life, Organization & JBoss

Today has been spent madly trying to get more order into my life. Yesterday I got a white board installed in my room. I admit it: I’m a white-board whore. Give me 8 colored markers and a white board, and I’ll succumb to this compulsive need to always fill it with organizational stuff.

So I wrote down all the big “to-dos” in the (currently) major categories of my life. (If you’ve been reading my blog for over a year, you’ve seen me do this twice before.) One of the things I’d wanted to do was to publish more Web articles. They’re cool things; they give me more opportunity to “give back” to the Open Source geek community, and they also bring in new web traffic to my site. This is a good thing.

So among a dozen other things, I collected some preexisting notes I’d put together from some research & experimentation I’ve done earlier this month, and I’ve completed about 80% of a new web article on Building Your Own JBoss Configuration. Man, it feels good to write. I know whatever happens in my life, there’ll be a part of me that is writing!