Below is a partial collection of my writings. The "fiction" category is going to be much smaller than the non-fiction, not because I don't write many stories or plays, but (a) fewer of them are in any finished state, (b) I'm much more insecure about my fictional works and (c) the better stuff needs to be more carefully protected from misuse. Nevertheless, I'll work to get a better sample posted eventually.

My works are listed under the following basic categories:



"Pull My Finger" © 2003 unpublished. (pdf file) This is a short play that I had written for the now-defunct Hyphenate Project. It's not my best work, but it's one of the few creative works in an actual finished (publishable) form.

Published (printed) Works

Early Adopter Mac OS X Java © 2001 by Wrox Press. Co-authored book; wrote chapters on Enterprise Java (Databases, EJB, etc.) and architecture decisions. And yes, the mug shot on the cover of the book is mine.

Web articles (finished and unfinished)

Fitness & Nutrition
Much of my life has been dedicated to figuring out how to get my body in good shape. It has been a long journey and anything but straightforward. This series of articles attempts to pass along what little bit of wisdom I've picked up along the way.
E-Mail Safety Rules
This article is intended for anyone new to the Internet who is concerned about e-mail, viruses, worms, hoaxes, etc. and wants to learn better "Nettiquitte".
XML, Databases and Enterprise Java for Mac OS X
This was going to be a series of articles on various "Enterprise" technologies with OS X. Actually, the two incomplete articles were what led Wrox Press to approach me about the book. I'd still like to flesh out the articles and write them, but OS X has been through one major revision and another (Panther) in arouned the corner. We'll see what happens.
Tips for Taping a Stage Performance on Video
Right now a first draft. I've written this just to capture some of the lessons I've learned about what works and what doesn't when taping a stage performance. Right now the article just focuses on exposure settings, but I'll flesh it out to discuss sound, the merits of having a live audience, etc.
Open Letter to Apple, Sprint & Verizon
I can't believe that I'm the only person who demands a contact synchronization solution as a prerequisite for cell phone service. I've been trying to find a solution that will allow me to dump T-Mobile and move to Verizon and Sprint without luck. This open letter is my reaction to some really stupid missed opportunitites.
Building Your Own JBoss Configuration
The JBoss developers have suggested that users should feel free to build their own custom JBoss environments to suit the exact needs of their applications. Some may not have even noticed that under JBoss's server directory there are multiple configuration subdirectories—minimal, default and all—and we can easily make more! This is a tutorial that gives an example of building a minimal (Tomcat) JSP/Servlet web server, and then a minimal (almost stand-alone) JMS messaging server.

Articles written (but not published) while working for the USDA Forest Service as a Statistics Graduate Student

Construction of the Maine Pseudoplot
A description of the process used to convert sampled circular plots of land into a single large forest simulation. The process used to reshape each plot is better described in the next paper.
A Mathematical Procedure to Transform a Mapped Circular Space into a Square Space
The derivation of a geometric transformation that allows a circular map to be redrawn as a square map. The paper on the Maine Pseudoplots is motivation for the development of this procedure. This was actually edited (more like rewritten) by my brother (Michael Scott Williams) and published with another published application paper. I don't have the actual references handy right now.
Beta-Binomial Distribution for Proportional Confidence Intervals
In the ACAS Project (my thesis) there is a need to evaluate confidence intervals for parameters with a (0,1) range. The Beta provides a shape that makes this convenient and natural. Unfortunately, I've had no luck deriving the appropriateness of this interval to date.

Articles written for the OS/2 E-zine a LONG time ago...