New York Film Academy

This is a collection of movies made by Amanda Raine and myself at the New York Film Academy during the October 2000 "Eight Week Intensive" filmmaking class. These movies were shot on 16mm black and white film and spliced by hand. It was blood, sweat, tears, and one Hell of a learning process! I have recoded the Quicktime movies so they're much smaller than before, and they now start playing while they're still downloading. ("fast start")

DV Projects

In an attempt to kick myself back into gear and start shooting movies again, I've started with a series of DV "Screen Tests" to get back into practice and also to explore the DV medium that is available to me. Almost every "effect" in these screen tests comes from the ability to easily edit video footage (specifically digital video). Many of these effects—specifically the masking effects—originated in film but were slow and painstaking to perform. With Final Cut Pro on the Macintosh it's downright trivial.