Basic Soufflé Recipe

I have a particular fondness for foods that are (relatively) easy to cook, but appear to most people as difficult and fancy. The soufflé belongs at the head of this category. Everyone seems terrified of soufflés. Fact is: the soufflé can be forgiving and easy to adapt to your needs. Below I've provided ingredients for a 2, 3 or 4-egg soufflé. Here's a perfect rule of thumb: 1 egg per person/serving. If you are cooking for 3 people, make a 3-egg soufflé! I have a pretty nice Krab soufflé recipe in my cooking pages, with more to follow.

Ingredients (2 egg)

Ingredients (3 egg)

Ingredients (4 egg)

It is REALLY easy to modify this recipe. All you need for a souffle is some sort of sauce mixed with beaten egg-white. It can be a cheese sauce, chocolate sauce, peanut-butter sauce, fruit sauce, tomato sauce... anything. During the folding phase you can also add solid ingredients like mushrooms, sausage, pieces of fruit, etc. The souffle makes a perfect leftover-casserole.