Basic Chilled Cucumber Soup Recipe

My friend Bob made me one of my first chilled soups—a basic cucumber soup—and I remember it fondly to this day. After that we embarked on numerous culinary chilled-soup adventures (It's one of the only things I want to eat during the hot Summer!) but I always think back to that first cup of simple, basic, heavenly cucumber soup. This is my attempt to recreate it and I think it's pretty close. Note that one can elaborate on this to make a plethora of exciting chilled soups, so the recipe is doubly-valuable in acting as one of my "foundation recipes".


1 nutritionally speaking, "light" sour cream is preferable over both regular and fat-free. It has little fat and little sugar. Fat-free has gobs of carbohydrates and regular has gobs of fat. In this soup the taste is also just fine.