Basic Crepe Recipe

Crepes are so damned easy to make, it's almost criminal! They always turn out consistently and are hard to ruin. The only trick is figuring out the right heat for the pan. Another wonderful thing about crepes is that people are easily impressed by them. You might consider yourself a "beginner" in the kitchen, but making a crepe dish will always win your friends' respect.


Selecting the right pan to use is important. Either use a stainless-steel or teflon pan. You should season the pan with butter before the first crepe, but afterwards there's enough butter in the batter. If the tempreature is too hot the batter will splatter as it hits the pan and it the crepes will have an odd "doily" pattern. If the batter seems to thick, add 1 or 2 tbsp milk to the batter.

Use about 2-3 tbsp batter per crepe. Pour into the pan and immediately swirl the pan around so the batter cotes the bottom. (Crepe size should be about 8 inches.) Cook for about 30-45 seconds, flip and cook for only about 10 more seconds.

NEW NOTE! I just discovered something that I do that causes major grief. On occasion I'll try cooking on a stainless steel pan and I can't even get the first crepe to come out. It glues itself to the pan, and I have to scrape it off. In the past I've assumed it was because the particular pan was ill suited for the crepes. No! I've been starting with the temperature too low! Make sure the pan is hot enough that a bead of water will dance on its surface.

2nd NOTE! Crepe recipes are wonderful because they look fancy, but they're not hard to make. I've taken all my knowledge from a book that my Mom owned when I was a little kid. I've checked and there are many copies available via Amazon's used books connection. The book is "Crepe Cookery" by Mable Hoffman. (Click the link to go to the Amazon store.) It looks like some stores will sell it for about $2 so there's no reason not to pick up this book for yourself right-bloody-now!