Amber's Electric Boogaloo
Kicken' Amber Ale

This was my first beer recipe. About ten years ago I was so inspired by The Joy of Brewing (a fabulous book that demystifies the art of beer brewing) that I wrote down my own recipe from scratch and set to cooking it up. I made the beer, bottled it, and anxiously tried my first bottle after three weeks of aging. It was awful. Traumatized, I left the remaining 24 bottles to sit in the garage for the rest of the Summer, afraid to confront my "failure". About three months later I had an invitation to a barbecue to which I was supposed to bring something. I was running late so I grabbed one of the bottles of beer, and hoped it wouldn't be too nasty. When we opened it up I discovered the best ale I'd ever tasted! Apparently this brew was so rich that it required a good deal longer than the traditional three weeks to mature!


The honey adds the subtle effervescence. The molasses adds a very subtle buttery finish. The cinnamon should really just be undetectable. (If not, decrease next time.) Remember there's a lot of sugar in here that turns to alcohol. That's why I use champagne yeast—it's higher alcohol resistance. (A bottle can really pack a punch!)