Spam Fury

There are people who are a real blight on humanity. If you ask me, they don’t deserve the oxygen they breathe and the world would be much better off if their hearts did the Universe a favor and simply stopped beating.

These worms are the ones responsible for spam, for fraudulent scams on the web advertising “Generic Viagra” and things like that.

There’s a phenomenon where these puss-sucking scumbags design web-crawlers that write comments on every entry of a blog site, trying to redirect traffic to their fraudulent sites. The idea is this: if my website (which has a pretty decent Google ranking) has hundreds of links pointing to these sites, Google will assume they must be very important et voila! free advertising by defacing my site.

I’ve recently been hand-deleting these messages every day, cursing under my breath and fantasizing about being left in a room with one of these spammers and a baseball bat.

Well, I’ve installed a new security feature. It is pretty simple: you have to type in a number that shows up in a graphic to verify you’re a human. I’m sure everyone has seen these verification mechanisms. Well, now I have one.

May the bastards rot in Hell!

P.S. If anyone else is using MovableType as blog software, you can find this security module at

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